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    Undergraduate programs

    Bachelor of Business Administration
    Finance & Accounting (F&A) integrated with ACCA- UK

    Bachelor of Business Administration in Bangalore

    Bachelor of Business Administration
    Finance & Accounting (F&A) integrated with ACCA- UK

    There is a growing importance of the finance and accounting department in the corporate world to manage revenue, expenses, and taxes. The main objective of BBA - F&A is to prepare students for entry level profiles in finance. It also develops certain necessary skills in the areas of investment, insurance, financial planning, taxation, etc. BBA - F&A opens various career options in diversified fields and organizations. As the course curriculum is novel and deals with accounting and financial aspects, students choosing BBA - F&A is on the rise considering the huge demand for such graduates. There is a bigger scope for higher education with institutes in India/abroad as BBA - F&A provides the right, diversified, and challenging platform.

    Program Code

    006 C


    3 Years, 6 Semesters


    80% in the 12th standard final examinations/PUC from a recognized board

    Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

    • To develop an understanding of the concepts of accounting, finance, insurance, and auditing that helps in ethical financial decision making
    • To make students aware of the functions and roles of financial markets and institutions
    • To develop analytical and evaluating skills relating to corporate finance, taxation, portfolio investments, financial planning, and accounting
    • To help students demonstrate the use of technology in the areas of accounting, finance, and insurance
    • To demonstrate skills in preparing, presenting, and analyzing financial statements and auditing books of accounts
    • To analyze and evaluate financial management issues from an organizational point of view, make investment decisions, and understand the capital structure and working capital management

    Program Outcomes (POs) / Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

    At the end of the program:

    • Students will possess comprehensive knowledge of finance and accounts besides capital markets
    • Technical competency shall be possessed by the students in terms of knowing the source of information, simplifying the same, and using it in day to day operations
    • Students will be in a position to analyze the financial statements
    • Students will possess adequate knowledge and skills in the field and use them in the decision-making process
    • Students will be in a position to translate their knowledge into consulting in challenging areas like mergers, takeovers, liquidation, issue of securities, and the like
    • Students will be able to develop innovative solutions to address the financial problems of the business

    Career Opportunities

    • BBA - F&A opens the gate of opportunities for the graduates in different sectors varying from the education industry to the banking world.
    • Employment areas include banks, investment banking, mortgage and credit corporations, share and capital markets, finance companies, commercial banking, the health care sector, mutual funds, policy planning, merchant banking, foreign trade, insurance, and similar organizations.
    • The graduates can hold positions such as accountants, budget managers, finance managers, financial analysts, corporate business analysts, and merchant bankers.

    Potential employers

    KPMG, EY, DELLOITE, PWC, Goldman Sachs, Banks, Mutual Fund companies, Government organizations, etc.

    Tie-ups with industry

    The placement department shall help the students in securing internships with corporate houses so that the students will be able to understand the practical aspects and also appreciate the same. Students shall be encouraged to pursue certificate programs relevant to finance and accounting like courses offered by NCFM - National Stock Exchange Certification on Financial Markets, NISM - National Institute on Securities and Markets, CFI - Corporate Finance Institute, Canada, etc.

    Academic year 2021-22

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